What my Clients say

I found Chris online and I’m so glad I did. Coming to my first session I didn’t realise just how much I needed to see her. Each session I could see myself and my thought process getting better and better. Doing the comparison of the DASS questions from first session to last really amazed me- seeing my thought train alter so much to overcome everything has really cleared my mind to see all I was worried about became so trivial to me now. A weight has really lifted from me and I feel so positively minded to deal with everything.
I’ve come away from my last session with my dream job and a new relationship that’s healthier than I could have imagined before.

Over the past few months my husband has experienced some very traumatic
health issues which left me very anxious and panicky.  I have felt as
though I was spiralling out of control and I had the absolute terror
that these health issues would return.

I contacted Chris to see if she could help me and give me some coping
mechanisms which I could use for managing the panic and help me overcome
the fear of any future recurrences.  Immediately Chris put me at ease:
she is kind, caring and very easy to talk to.

 From talking everything through, Chris has been able to make me see
things from a completely different perspective.  I am now at a point
which I didn’t think I could ever reach – I feel so much stronger, more
in control, and I am so much better prepared should any health issues

Thank you Chris, I am very grateful.

Chris was an incredible counsellor who provided me with a safe and supportive space to explore my challenges. Her empathy and understanding helped me feel truly heard and seen, and their gentle guidance led me to valuable insights and breakthroughs.
Through Chris’s encouragement and expertise, I was able to navigate difficult emotions and build healthier coping mechanisms, which I still use today.
My life has significantly improved since working with Chris, and I am incredibly grateful for her support.

Chris has been astonishing. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how counselling would help but knew I needed to try something can’t recommend it enough, over a 3 – 4 month period everything changed. Thanks Chris.

I came to Chris after experiencing a long period of depression and overwhelming anxiety – a feeling I had never experienced before. As a young woman trying to navigate my life post university, my confidence in myself had disappeared completely and I felt lost. Already after our first session together, Chris provided me with more rational ways of thinking and exercises to challenge my unhelpful thoughts which we continued to build on in our following sessions. I can feel a massive difference in myself and my anxiety has alleviated tremendously. I would definitely recommend CBT with Chris if you are seeking support for your mental health. Thank you so much for your support and guidance Chris!

Over the past few years I’ve suffered from various symptoms due to anxiety.
My most recent symptom being ongoing tinnitus for the past year. Stress and anxiety seem to play a large part in its volume. After learning this from seeing an ENT doctor,
It was suggested to seek help.
This is when I found Christine. She put me on a path to understanding where the anxiety stems from.
Learning that the past holds key to self esteem, which in turn triggers anxiety.
Christine is a great listener. She’s guided me to try and reprogram my way of thinking. Talking on everyday
concerns and how to treat them. I would certainly recommend if suffering from anxiety’

Just want to say Chris has been amazing in the time I’ve been to see her , she has listened and then given me the tools I need to crack on with some really difficult things in my life . Would highly recommend and just a really nice lady. Thank you Chris

I looked to Chris for help and advice after suffering several months of stress and anxiety. I immediately felt comfortable with Chris – she took a real interest in my problems and gave me confidence that she could help me. She is a very good listener and we discussed ways that might help me take a different view on the issues that had been troubling me. At no time did I feel that she was telling me what I should do, but guiding me to a thought process that I might consider to get rid of negative thoughts. Having recently moved to the area, we discussed ways I could get myself established with new contacts and activities which was helpful. I had a few sessions with Chris which was enough at the time but it is reassuring that I can get in touch with her to chat through any issues that might be troubling me.

On the practical side, Chris’s therapy room is easy to find, comfortable and relaxing.

I approached Chris on the recommendation of my GP following a long period of depression as a result of my separation and divorce process from my wife following a 35 year marriage. 

In all we had five sessions and the approach taken by Chris was both empathetic and sympathetic but without encouraging me to wallow and self-pity or negativity: quite the contrary, she taught me taught me to approach these issues positively and with confidence.

 I was on a siding in a railway engine that was going no where save up and down the same track – I was shown the way to jump the points and get on to the main line and move on.

There are times in life when we need help( however well qualified and competent we might think ourselves) and whilst it was a big step to seek help from Chris and the CBT process it has , to continue the metaphor, put me back on the right track. 

I strongly recommend this process and the professional and experienced help provided by Chris- money very well spent”

Thank you very much for your help in dealing with my anxiety and sleep issues. These were related to stress at work, and life changes connected to retirement plans. You have helped me to develop coping skills and take a different perspective on stressful situations. Thank you.

I first met Chris some years ago after getting a recommendation from a friend. I was in quite a dark place and didn’t know how to help myself. From the start I felt relaxed and able to unwind my thoughts to her. She is a good listener and gave me invaluable advice. I had about 4 sessions initially and finally felt able to confront and deal with my negative thoughts.
I have subsequently had a couple more sessions at different times and these act as a reminder that I am not alone. I used to wake up and feel every day was grey but with Chris’s help most of my days now are bright. And I know that I only need to pick up the phone and she will be there for me, listening patiently as I tell my worries.
So thank you Chris you are truly my lifeline to better, brighter

I have recently undertaken a short course with Chris following some challenging experiences in my personal life. I had previously seen a therapist where I had been able to ‘unpack’ a variety of things however Chris really helped me focus my mind around what my forward looking goals were. We then spent time discussing techniques to use to build confidence and resilience to be able to assert the changes that I needed to make in my life.

I found Chris easy to communicate with and experienced at dealing with the challenges that I had. Overall a hugely positive experience and both an opportunity to talk and share concerns but also learn how best to manage them and make positive steps forward.

Chris has helped me with useful techniques and strategies to cope with my anxiety and the feeling that my brain was running at 100mph! I have implemented some simple changes to my daily routine which have helped me cope better with situations that would normally trigger my anxiety. I recommend Chris who is a great listener and offers practical and simple techniques in helping to cope with difficult situations.

I came to Chris at a time in my life when I was very unhappy with certain aspects of my life and didn’t know how to tackle them. She’s helped me re build my confidence and given me tools to help me tackle hard times or when I start to doubt myself. 
I would highly recommend chris to anyone she has really helped me

I had some sessions with chris as I was experiencing some anxiety / low mood Chris took the time to understand my situation and I left every session with Clarity and confidence in exactly what I needed to do. I’m now able to much better manage my anxiety and I have more purpose, focus and direction in my life. 

Christine helps you view your challenges from an evidence base perspective and gives you real, practical solutions. My happiness factor has definitely increased over the last few months in working with her would highly recommend, thank you Chris