I approached Chris on the recommendation of my GP following a long period of depression as a result of my separation and divorce process from my wife following a 35 year marriage. 

In all we had five sessions and the approach taken by Chris was both empathetic and sympathetic but without encouraging me to wallow and self-pity or negativity: quite the contrary, she taught me taught me to approach these issues positively and with confidence.

 I was on a siding in a railway engine that was going no where save up and down the same track – I was shown the way to jump the points and get on to the main line and move on.

There are times in life when we need help( however well qualified and competent we might think ourselves) and whilst it was a big step to seek help from Chris and the CBT process it has , to continue the metaphor, put me back on the right track. 

I strongly recommend this process and the professional and experienced help provided by Chris- money very well spent”