For many years I have struggled to regulate my mood and emotion. Ive never really paid much attention to it as I just thought it was normal. over the last few years I had come to realise it wasn’t normal and it was having a huge negative impact on my marriage and my kids. It go to the stage where my wife had asked me to move out until I come to terms
with my issues and addressed them. This was a huge blow for me and massive reality check.

The next day I got in contact with Chris, and that was it. We have had around 6 sessions and I feel like a new person. I can now regulate the little (and big) things that used to trigger me and the whole family are a lot happier. Through the evidence based thinking Chris, taught me I am now able to much happier in my work and home life. I can go away with my family and not get stressed about the little things which would in turn ruin the day or holiday. My wife and I communicate on a new level now too and work together on things Chris has taught me.

I will continue to see Chris a few time throughout the year as im sure things will crop up that I want know how to deal with and the sessions will help break these down and help think in a different way about these situations.

So, overall, after 2 months, I’m more productive at work, much more relaxed at home, much closer to my family, a lot more at peace with my self and can handle stressful situations much better.

It’s ok not to be ok and to reach out for help.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND Chris.
Thank You