I have had the wonderful experience of utilising the skills that Christine possesses to really understand why I was feeling in a position of struggling to cope with every day life. I came to her with low self confidence, anger issues, a lack of drive and motivation to succeed with what seemed to be no way out. This was leading to struggles at home with the family and causing additional stresses at work. Christine, with her professional approach and empathy, allowed me to embark on a journey to delve into what was leading me to feel this way. The sessions we had were really thought provoking and allowed me to tackle things head on whilst touching on sensitive parts of my life that I had previously felt uneasy to discuss. We formed a progressive strategy that enabled me to adopt new skills to move forward when tackling these issues. CBT is awesome!

I am now extremely happy in myself and things has moved forward in a super positive way with family/ work life balance.

The key is to want to change yourself and then allow Christine in to use her skills to get you to your end goal. I did and it is the best decision I have ever made to make life much much better.

Thank you Christine.