The Coronavirus pandemic has been overwhelming for us all and creating Anxiety everywhere and in all of us.

How we feel is always driven by our thinking.
We can challenge our unhelpful thinking by using evidence based thinking.
Here are some helpful thoughts that are evidence based and may help you when your anxiety becomes overwhelming.

Helpful Thinking

* I can focus on one day at a time instead of worrying about the future.

* If I have a routine it will help, get up and go to bed at normal times.

* I can structure my day to be busy and then rest and keep doing both so that I have a balance.

* I can explore some goals of achieving things I don’t normally have time for eg learn a language, a craft skill, play an instrument, upcycle that piece of furniture/ those clothes and even write a letter or make a card for someone I care about.

* I can take this special time with my family and cherish it.

* I can explore how to help someone else who may be struggling more than me.

* Time does go fast look at how Christmas seems like yesterday and now its 4 months on.

* I am strong because I am human and history shows we are resilient creatures.

* I can learn to love and like myself by telling myself the good stuff.

* I am in charge of my brain so can chose to listen to those random unhelpful thoughts that just jump into my head at any given time or chose to chase them away with the helpful evidence based thinking I can find such as the above.

Keep active and keep your brain busy and use nature and music and chats with family and friends.
🌈 💓